Anti Ragging

disciplines and anti ragging committee

        The college is very sensitive in taking measures for the discipline and checking ragging in the premises. Therefore, the college has a Discipline and Anti- Ragging Committee that strictly monitors the activities of the students to stop any kind of ragging activities in the premises and to maintain the decorum of the college. All the members of the committee are fully responsible to ensure that no incidence of ragging takes place. It maintains alert vigil at all times and ensures the implementation of anti-ragging measures effectively.

Following guidelines have been laid down by hon’blesupreme court to fight meanace of ragging in educational institutions.

1.   TheProspectus, the form for admission and/or any other literature issued toaspirants for admission must clearly mention that ragging is banned in the institutionand any one including ragging is likely to be punished appropriately.

2.   Itthree be any legislation governing ragging or any provision in the Statute/Ordinancesthey should be brought to the notice of the student/ parents seekingadmissions.

3.   Formfor admission/enrollment shall have a printed undertaking to be filled up andsigned by  the candidate to the effectthat he/she is aware of the institution’s approach towards ragging and thepunishments to which he or she shall e lable if found guilty of ragging  A similar undertaking shall be obtained fromstudents already admitted and their parents.

4. Aprinted leaflet detailing when and to whom one has to tum for information, helpand guidance for various purposes, keeping in view the needs of newentrants  in the institution, alongwiththe addressee and telephone number of such person should be given to freshersat the time of admissions so that the freshers need not look up to the seniorfor help in such matters and feel indebted to or obliged by them.

5. The management, The principal all teachingstaff should interact with freshers and take them in confidence by apprisingthem of their rights as well as obligation to fight against ragging and generateconfidence in their mind.

6.  Institutionto constitute a proctorial committee to keep continuous watch and vigil overragging and promptly deal with the incidents of ragging.

7.   Allvulnerable location shall be identified and specially watched.

8. Failureto prevent ragging shall be construed as an act of negligence of part ofmanagement, hostels wardens/superintendents.

9. Thehostels/accommodations where freshers are accommodated shall be carefullyguarded, and entry of seniors/outsiders to be regulated.

10.     Ifindividuals committing or abetting ragging are not identified collectivepunishment could be resorted to. 

11. Migration certificate to contain entry indicating whether the student had participated in and in particular was punished for ragging.

12.     Stoppageof financial assistance by UGC/funding agency to institutions falling to clubragging.

13. Institution to face disaffiliation.

14.  Institution/Universitiesto hold activities where seniors and freshers can interact and develop friendlyrelationship.

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