Code Of Conduct


Codeof Conduct for Students




Students areforbidden from ragging. Affected students must report all instances of ragging.They shall write a complaint or complain to Anti Ragging Cell. Ragging is aserious criminal offence that involves severepunishment in the form of dismissal from the College and police action that canresult in imprisonment.





Rules Regarding Attendance and Leave of Absence


1. It shall be theduty of every student to attend classes regularly and punctually.


2. Students, bothboys and girls, should come to the College decently dressed up. They shouldadhere to the cultural values and ethos of the College.


3. Students areexpected to be punctual to classes. Latecomers will be admitted only inexceptional cases and with the permission of the Principal.


4. A student mustattend at least 75% of the working days to earn his/her term certificate.


5. A student'sattendance, his/her academic progress and conduct as assessed by the staff andthe Principal will be the only consideration for promotion to the next academicyear or selection for the University Examinations.


6. Use of cell phonesby students inside the classrooms, whether the classes are on or not, isstrictly prohibited. Cell phones would be confiscated, if students are foundusing them inside the classroom.


7. Students arewarned that smoking and drinking are injurious to health and therefore, involvingin these practices anywhere and at any time is dangerous. Use of tobacco,alcohol and drugs inside the College campus is strictly forbidden.



8. Students, whorepresent the college at debates/seminars/cultural meets/sports/games and otherextra-curricular activities like, NSS etc will earn attendance when thedeputations are properly authorized by the appropriate faculty-in-charge.


9. Students shall notinvolve in any form of ragging inside or outside the College campus.


10. Great care mustbe taken in handling equipment/apparatus in the laboratories. All breakages,losses and damages must be reported at once to the concern Faculty.


11. Use of tobacco,alcohol and drugs inside the College campus is strictly prohibited. Studentsfound in possession or using them would be summarily dismissed from theCollege.


12. Every studentshould possess Identity Card with his/her photo affixed on it duly attested bythe Principal. Students are expected to kept their identity cards inside andoutside the class, college office, library and while participating ininter-collegiate events.