Distinctive Practice

The college is always known to perform accordingly to its vision. Being established in a region that is geographically remote and populated by socio-economically challenged community of people, the college is the only source of higher education for the maximum number of the youngsters in the area. The college was established in this locality to ensure that it serves as a service to community in accordance with its vision Empowerment through education” The college functions on the principals and philosophy of human equality and universal brotherhood. In its attempt to provide quality education to the students the college instils in them values of humanity, compassion, equality and integrity. The college has “Zero Tolerance” to any kind of discrimination to any particular student and welcomes all the students with equal respect and dignity. This institution serves to be an instrument of change for many households in the nearby localities. The college shows pride in saying that our efforts have definitely uplifted the lives of several families especially those who were underdeveloped and deprived from pursuing higher education. Many of the students who have attained their degrees from the institution have gone on to pursue higher education from various reputed institutions of the country, while some have equally excelled in gaining employment and earning a livelihood.

In keeping with its motto of providing holistic education to its students and maintaining a student oriented approach, the college has endeavored to meet the demands of every situation that may arise due to changing circumstances like the unprecedented circumstances of the academic session 2020-21.

In the academic session 2020-21 due to the covid-19 pandemic situation prevalent the college conducted all its classes and contact programs with students in online mode. In keeping with its vision of providing quality education to students the college and its faculty undertook all the steps that were necessary to maintain the regularity of the teaching. Learning process of the Students through online classes were held regularly for the students to cover the syllabus prescribed. Whatsapp groups were formed for each of the classes that provided all the information related to the academic activities from time to time. Any doubts or problems that the students faced they could easily approach the faculty through the WhatsApp groups and resolve the issue. The college staff were always available and ready to solve the problems faced by the students during the pandemic.

For this College conduct following programs:

  • Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti ( Ahinsa Diwas )
  • Human Rights Day
  • National Unity Day
  • Independence Day
  • Republic Day
  • Counselling on Gender Equity
  • Online Quiz On Covid-19
  • Coronavirus Awareness Program